“Our home is finally coming together and has a wonderful feeling of calm”, Gary & Sue, Charters Towers, QLD.

“We are living in the house now, and we love it. Our climate is fairly severe here, but the house is warm in winter, cool in summer and our power bills are a fraction of what they were at our previous house.” Mr P Hutchings, NSW.

“Peter’s plans were more than sufficient in details and for the price, quite impressive.” Ric & Jayne M.

“I found Peter at the Melbourne Home Show about 6 months ago. I have studied his plans book and talked to him a lot over the phone since then.  If I would trust anyone to give me the correct information, then it would be from him.” Aaron R.

“I think he’s got some marvellous ideas and all his instructions are easy to follow.  For people who have no idea really what they’re doing, it’s all written down, and if you follow it, you can’t go wrong”. Ch. 7 interview with Dorothy & Gerry Kendenup, WA.

 “Dear Peter and Irene, we have been living in our home for the past three years and find that it suits us very well, filling all our expectations.  Our home is autonomous, having its own solar/wind power supply, tank water and a Rota Loo.  All sytems work well.” Bob & Jo P. Blessington, Tas

“Dear Peter and Irene, as promised, some snapshots of our beautiful home (we’re biased!!).  Although not complete, it is fully functional and comfortable to live in.  Probably the two most outstanding features of this design are how cool downstairs remains, even on the hottest days, and how quickly upstairs cools down due ot the flow-through design.” Pete and Carolyn, Venus Bay, Victoria

“Pete, we just LOVE our house.  It’s the most perfect house to live in. WE love the design and you were right, it’s cool in the summer and very easy to heat in the winter. When we’ve been in Melbourne, Mike often asks me on the way home, ‘Do you want to go out for tea?’ and I always say ‘No, let’s go home’, then when we get there he says, ‘God I love this house’.” Tonnie and Mike A., Swan Reach

“Dear Peter, please find enclosed photos of the house we talked about at Seymour the other day. It certianly is a very liveable home and everybody that has seen it likes the design.” Peter R., Berrys Creek, Victoria

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